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About Insurance

A financial risk management tool in which the insured transfers a risk of potential financial loss to the insurance company that mitigates it in exchange for monetary compensation known as the premium.

In today’s volatile and highly complex business environment, substantial change is being witnessed in the insurance sector. The main reason behind this is the changing market drivers and stringent regulatory norms. The cut throat competition in the insurance sector has given rise to various operational challenges such as improving turnover ratios and their activity along with establishing a pricing model that remains competitive.

Furthermore, outsourcing also facilitates the insurance company to carry out their daily functions by forming a robust foundation of profitability and growth. BPO represents an efficient and strategic option for insurance companies that are trying to flourish in these tumultuous times. Advantages of a robust BPO model include rationalized delivery model, standardized business processes and a commercialized approach to customer retention and operations.

Why choose our service

Guage Biz BPO Services Pvt. Ltd.'s insurance capabilities offer agile and innovative solutions to respond effectively to Guage Biz BPO Services Pvt. Ltd. insurance offerings competition in new channels. We help you build a true digital enterprise through various phases, enabling improved consumer acquisition and increased sales.

  • - Cost-reduction opportunity analysis
  • - Revenue and margin improvement strategies
  • - Lean, Six Sigma and continuous improvement
  • - Margin improvement strategies
  • - Risk and Compliance Management
  • - Business Process Services
  • Get Maximum Profit

    By outsourcing , the company can concentrate more on its other important departments like sales , marketing etc thereby increasing the company’s revenue.

  • Tranparancey Policy

    Transparency policies are changing.Organizations disclose factual information to reduce public risks .

  • Pay for Success

    By outsourcing jobs to a third service provider we can be rest assured that such kind of mistakes are very rare to occur.

Get Results

Leading insurers increasingly outsource business processes to Guage Biz BPO Services Pvt. Ltd. to help streamline and simplify operations—not just to reduce costs, but to improve agility and free up resources in ways that help their organizations generate new business. Through shared platforms in multiple insurance processing centers, we’ve built a remarkable track record of success. We help insurers:

  • Reduce operating costs, while increasing cost transparency and predictability
  • Improve cash flow and limit capital investment requirements.
  • Enhance processing speed, accuracy and consistency
  • Improve service to customers and intermediaries
  • Simplify operating infrastructure
Last but not the least flexibility to better manage changes in transaction volumes resulting from shifts in the market or mergers and acquisitions.

  • Salesforce-based Transformations
  • Underwriting Workbench Modernization
  • Ratings and Forms Modernization
  • Insurance Platform (TCS BaNCS)
  • Closed Book Administration
  • Business Rules Extraction and Analysis
  • Core Systems Modernization

  • Digital Enterprise Consulting
  • Mobility Solutions and Services
  • NextGen and Web Portals
  • Social Media Solutions
  • Big Data and Business Analytics

Since, BPO industry is growing at a very fast pace, much of the credit goes to the management and the policy makers of the companies. It is them that are pretty much responsible for boosting the growth of the company too.

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