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Financial Services

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Financial Services

Guage Biz BPO Services Pvt. Ltd., a global outsourcing company is ready and able to provide customized solutions for the industry, especially for mid-sized and small banks. These solutions include building Private Label Cloud services, back office processing, conducting marketing campaigns, and providing back office customer service support.

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Challenges and opportunities

We help enterprises position themselves for growth by addressing their needs in three areas:

  • Improving customer experience and creating customer value through continuous service innovation
  • Redefining cost structures by decreasing the cost of operations and IT
  • Complying with stringent regulations in governance and risk management

WHY Guage Biz BPO Services Pvt. Ltd.:

As customer engagement evolves to include new and emerging technologies, we utilize our vast global experience and technological expertise to help financial services institutions make better customer service decisions across all channels. This reporting function includes reporting of assets, liabilities, equity, and income and expenses that are directly related to the client’s financial position.


Guage Biz BPO Services Pvt. Ltd. provides financial reporting that delivers information regarding financial position, performance, and the changes in financial condition of our clients, which are critical in making economic decisions and in the running of a company.

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