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Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Social and Corporate Values...

Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Guage Biz BPO Services Pvt. Ltd. looks deeper to find meaningful ways to help the communities in which we operate and serve. We are committed to positive social and environmental change and actively engage in programs to help transform lives, fight disease, and improve the environment.

Our teams have demonstrated proactive effort in assisting various initiatives taken by NGOs and social welfare bodies at our global locations. Our employees have volunteered for programs for child welfare, old age homes, earthquake and flood relief camps, events for specially-abled kids and AIDS awareness campaigns.

Aside from areas like education, sustainability and poverty, Guage Biz BPO Services Pvt. Ltd. donates time and resources to support health initiatives around the world.

Guage Biz BPO Services Pvt. Ltd. helps employees and clients to channel their passion for community service into a concrete platform for change and hope.

Our Values

With our team of experts, we ensure that no matter where you may be, you are provided with the best of services that help you move towards successful business growth.

Our Core Responsibility

  • Act Local; Think Global
  • Partnership for Growth
  • Comprehensive Support for Your Business
  • Effective Services